To Blog or Not to Blog….

…that IS the question.

All I wanted to do was to “like” a post on a friend’s blog, but somehow created my own blog site.  Which is cool. I can see myself pouring my strange ponderings across the screen… but not at this time.  Right now life is chaotic and I’m not myself.  Who am I exactly?  Well, not my usual silly, happy self anyway. One might argue that it is during these turbulent times that great art is created. And where there are great examples of this point, I’m still not going to write much, so there 😛  Not sure to whom I’m virtually “giving the raspberry” since there isn’t a bunch of people begging me to entertain them with tales of stuff, but there it is.  Anyway, expect a huge gap between this entry and next, and hopefully my “hermit phase” ends soon.