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On The Mend

Well, it’s been a little over a month since I last wrote- about a month and a half since landing in Austin.  My mind has becoming less fragile and I feel more like my awesome self.  Still searching for a job and welcoming any prosperity the universe wishes to bestow.  Whereas uncertainty abounds, I’m no longer freaking out and am looking forward to letting the city know of my existence.  It’s a process, like all things, and needs a lot of patience before and benefits are reaped.  Patience. Yeah.  The universe does know I’m an Aries, right?  Patience has traditionally not been my strong suit.  And especially since the past few years were a huge exercise in it, I think I have had my fill please.  But yes, steady income will put the last bit of worry to ease, but I’m ready to explore, to create, to captivate Austin with my sparkleness.  I want to explode into a fireball of awesome!  So this is what a phoenix feels like…



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I'm an artist, musician, poet, imagination station, dancer of dance, and creatrix of awesome.

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