Soul Sausage Epiphany

Glowy bits of soul encased in people shaped flesh suits…
Humans are soul sausages.
Just sayin’.

Short and sweet today for I’m going out to be social or some such craziness. ¬†In the meantime, show love to your fellow soul sausages for we’re basically made of the same stuff, although our flavor may differ ūüėČ



Out of the Ashes Once More


So it’s been about 2 years since I’ve written.


Many changes have occurred during that time, of course…¬†ups and downs, new drawings, a new job, stressful new work schedule, an art showing, relationship changes, surgery, a renewed sense of self, a situation that derailed my progress and brought back my PTSD symptoms…

2016 was a hell of a year. My PTSD had taken hold so strongly. ¬†My existence pretty much consisted of staying alive and trying not to let on how scared and hurting I was… to appear to be “normal”. ¬†Also, I was coming to terms that my trauma was from more than just mental and emotional abuse, that there were reasons I would be triggered during intimacy and that sexual situations I normally would enjoy, now filled me with fear.

Anyway, I’m not writing to focus on the pain, but upon my journey since. So much inner work, insights, and alternative healing methods led me¬†out of that dark period (alternative healing methods were sought after several months of not being able to see a counselor¬†– yay for the American health system!). I am so amazed and grateful to be my own sparkly self again. ¬†I became social, more trusting, and confident. I was creating art again, reconnected with my psychic abilities, and gained clarity on what I wanted my future to look like.

So here I am at the end of November 2016 and this phoenix is soaring high. ¬†I’m filled with ideas, ambitions, and hopes to explore… one being this blog. ¬†The past few months of healing has made me ponder on ways to make this world a better place and how to spread joy. ¬†I also came to the notion that I should share my insights during my journey and happiness projects I wish to execute, in case it would help or inspire others.

My future goals:

~Create art and actually PROMOTE it. ¬†Like most artists, I’m clueless about marketing my talents. ¬†This was brought to light again just¬†recently when I was doing a live drawing at a hookah bar, and an acquaintance exclaimed “How are you not making any money off of this”?!?!

~Compose music, re-teach myself how to play the piano, and record music.  Music used to be such an important part of my life. Not only do I want to create in this medium again, but I also wish to SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.

~Spread joy! To put into action all those kindness ideas I’ve had for so long AND GET OTHERS INVOLVED. Make love and compassion a trend ūüôā

~Write and share my poetry and my thoughts about life in general.

So this is me at this moment in time… being a silly¬†unicorn fairy goddess again and ready to create my reality… and taking all of you lovely people with me for the ride ūüėČ

Sacred Water