I’m not sure what my intentions are for this blog as of yet, but for now a little about me…

When I go out to see a band or even when I go to karaoke, I bring my sketch pad along and draw the performers.  Even though they move around, guitarists tend to go back to their original pose.  Drummers… not so much.  I have captured drummers on the page before, but it’s not an easy task nor am I typically successful 😉

I generally have some tune in my head.  The soundtrack changes depending on the conversation.  Seriously, a turn of phrase can pop a song into memory.  Musical ADD, but only audible to me… except if I sing my thoughts… which is most often the case.

I also tend to dance at random moments… in public…  and sometimes to my internal soundtrack.

If I laugh super hard, I sometimes snort.  BUT, if you REALLY get me laughing, it turns into an Ernie laugh (like Ernie on Sesame Street).  When not being a kick ass unicorn fairy of awesome, I may actually be a Muppet.  True story.


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