Primordial Queues… aka: Dinosaurs on FIRE!!!!

It has been awhile since my last post.  I had many life distractions indeed, but none I’ll go on about now… perhaps another post.  But during this time of distraction,  I did manage to work on a new painting; a painting that contains different imagery than my usual choice of  subject matter.



So, how did I come to create a piece which contains dinosaurs on fire, ghost people thingies, and a meteor?  The journey ultimately begins with a blank canvass.  Then I dripped watery paint down it and splattered pigment across it.  I had magenta, orange and gold.  Then a weird sea of blue and black.  At this point there was no plan or method to my madness, just color and chaos.


After I let it dry and looked at it with fresh eyes, both my roommate and I exclaimed at the same time… “it needs a dinosaur!”  There was a lava-like quality to the “sky”  And the flecks of gold in the weird “sea” looked like figures… like ghosty soul people.  So that was the direction the painting was taking me.



I liked my T-Rex so far, but the dark outline around the people was too dark.  Silver would give the figures their ghostiness back, AND the black was a good primer on which to place the silver paint.  Win- win!  Also, the T-Rex seemed to be walking on air, so I made some prehistoric terrain.



But the painting still needed something.  Also, what was going on in this scene?  The sky is ablaze… this is the end days for the age of dinosaurs… human figures are walking out of the primordial ocean in eagerness to take their place as the new dominate species.  So the dino- apocalypse it became.  I gave the T-rex some friends and added more lava.




The new washes of “lava and fire” took some of the dinosaurs’ pigment away.  I needed to define them more; especially the sad little one on the right dying near the rocks.  I also layered more gold on because you can never have enough gold paint in my opinion.



This was rocking along indeed, but still was missing something.  The upper left corner felt neglected, but I couldn’t think of what it needed.  Seriously it was a depiction of the fall of the dinosaurs and METEOR hadn’t entered my mind yet!  The top left almost had a pterodactyl on fire for real, lol!  Again, my roommate gave me the fresh pair of eyes I needed and saw the obvious lack of meteorites.


And here we are back to the finished painting…. dinosaurs dying in the landscape of fire and meteoric doom, while the spirits of the human race wait with baited breath for their turn to rule the blue planet… their turn in queue.