The World Needs a Big Hug


It’s been a strange January thus far.  I’ve done a lot of soul searching and had made great strides in my personal development.  I have delved deep and made progress, despite the churning of the emotional tides of the collective unconscious.  It’s difficult not to be distracted when you sense the world crying out in pain.  Anxiety, dread, and anger echo out, resonate, and amplify through many humans when we observe what is going on in our world.  Raw emotion builds exponentially and finds its home within everyone’s heart.  We are connected more than we realize and what we emote, spreads.

When all we hear people talk about, all we see on the news or on social media, or all we experience when we go to work or the store is the horrible aspects of life, we believe it to be all of reality… that only the negative is the norm. Same thing like when all we see in the news is a particular race seen in a bad light and/ or not represented equally in the images we see daily, we start to believe those bad qualities are the reality of what that race possesses.  Now whether you believe in the metaphysical or Jungian belief of how this phenomenon occurs or not, it can be measured and witnessed with our empirical senses.

We shape our own reality more than we realize.
People tend to dismiss “being positive” or being a force of love when there’s so many “important” and scary things in the world as stupid hippie crap. For those who need a “reasonable explanation” for stuff: the more we experience or think something, the brain creates neural pathways to making these connections easier. Using the example of the stressful political climate, our brains expect the horrible and crazy, expect anyone who doesn’t believe the same way is a dick, anyone that doesn’t look like us, to be a potential threat, expect that no real change or good can happen in the world. And thus our brains are shaped and thus our perceptions of reality and how we react are shaped.  But we can change the neural pathways of our brains by training our pathways to the positive and repeating.  And in the belief of the collective unconscious, affect what thoughts and feelings we are subconsciously “downloading”.

So the challenge I pose to all of us (which I know can be extremely difficult when stressed and scared as fuck), is to purposely remember all the good things that have happened each day- train your short term memory and then your long term memory that not only bad things happen in our world; do random acts of kindness- train your brain to associate happy feelings of generosity and happiness with interacting with other humans; do things that make you happy and be silly and happy with others- train your brain that this life is more joyful, than not… that we’re awarded when we’re positive.  
Time to exercise your mind and rework those synapses.  Pour in some calm and positivity into the “hive mind.

All it takes is love, joy, compassion, and all the sparkly good feeling stuff in life… and in time we’ll shape ourselves and this world for the better 🙂

So,  it’s late and I may have left out huge chunks of thought.  I may have to revise shit in the morning, lol.  In the meantime, meditate, find some clarity, and be kind to yourself and others.  There are many beautiful souls out there that care and wondrous, loving things happening on our blue rock.  Take a breath and have a (virtual) hug from me 🙂